Skin Tag Removal

Are You Ready To Get Rid Of Those Embarrassing Skin Tags Once And For All?

Let's face it - there is absolutely nothing pretty about a skin tag.  And if you suffer from these ugly little pests, then you know just how embarrassing they can be!  In fact, they can be so embarrassing and bothersome that people will actually go through painful measures just to get rid of them (such as cutting them off!)  Good news for you is, you don't have to go that route. Keep reading and find out exactly how you can start getting rid of those skin tags!

How Can I Get Rid Of Skin Tags?

There are several ways you can get rid of skin tags.  Below are 5 skin tag removal options available to you, including their pros and their cons:

#1 Cutting:  One of the fastest and "easiest" ways to remove skin tags is to simply cut them off with a sterilized pair of scissors, a scalpel, a razor blade, or nail clippers.

-Instant results

-Painful (especially on sensitive areas such as eyelids or groin region)
-Risk of infection
-Skin tags may reappear

#2 Freezing:  Another quick way to get rid of skin tags is by freezing them off with liquid nitrogen (there are products available for this).

-Instant results


-Painful (especially on sensitive areas such as eyelids and groin region)
-Skin tags may reappear

#3 Tying Off:  Skin tags can be effectively removed by tying a thin piece of thread, fishing line, or even hair around the base of the skin tag.  This will cut off the blood supply to the skin tag, resulting in it dying and falling off.

-Minimal pain

-May take weeks to see results
-May be hard to implement on certain areas of the body, such as the eyelids
-Skin tag may reappear.

#4 Visit a doctor:  You can always visit a doctor to have skin tags removed.  Your doctor will most like perform a variation of one of the above methods.

-Quick Results

-High Costs - skin tag removal is usually consider a cosmetic procedure and is not covered by your insurance
-Skin tags may reappear

Get Rid Of Skin Tags Safely and Effectively With Amoils Heal Skin Tags!

Amoils Heal Skin Tags treatment is guaranteed to remove skin tags naturally without any irritation or scarring.

Remove skin tags anywhere on the body, including skin tags around the eyelids, armpits, or in the groin area.

The specially formulated Heal Skin Tags™ formula is entirely natural and 100% pure; made with the highest quality pure essential oils extracted from plants. The effectiveness of the oils in this natural skin tag removal formula to treat and remove skin tags is unsurpassed.

You can now remove your skin tags from the comfort of your own home and regain your  with this at home remedy for skin tag removal - Heal Skin Tags™

What are the PROS and CONS of using Amoils Heal Skin Tags?


All Natural
Safe and Effective
NO Pain
NO Irritation
NO Scarring
Skin Tags Will NOT Return
Easy To Use
Cost Effective
60 Day Money Back Guarantee

May Take 2 to 6 Weeks To See Results

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What Are People Saying About Amoils Heal Skin Tags?

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Garth - Oregon

Dear Healing Natural Oils,

I am ecstatic with the results after using your skin tag removal product. I purchased your skin tag product about a month ago. I had quite a few skin tags so took advantage of the discount on the large bottle.

My order arrived promptly which I was happy about and I began applying immediately.

After only one week I started to notice a difference in the skin tags. The tops of the skin tags started to dry out and change color. I was quite impressed that after only one week I was already noticing rapid results. I kept applying three times daily and was quite excited!

In the second week all my skin tags fell out, except one rather large one which required a few extra days of applications, I'm glad I purchased the large bottle and didn't have to order more and risk interrupting the healing.

Thanks for a great product, I'm very impressed.

Garth -Oregon


Your products are simply amazing. My husband tried your heal hemorrhoids™ 5 years ago and nothing has ever worked better - he refuses to be without it on the shelf. I recently decided to try your heal skin tags™, and to my astonishment, it worked like a charm.

I can now wear necklaces without the pain of those skin tags getting caught in the chain.

So, then I tried heal athletes foot™. I tried prescription topicals, then prescription tablets and although the tablets helped, it did not completely rid the problem. I also had the risk of the symptoms and had to get blood tests to make sure my liver wasn't getting damaged. I tried your product and already after 4 weeks there is clearing. I just ordered more to finish the process and could not be happier.

What's more beneficial is that it is natural. I told a friend who bought your heal arthritis™, and she now can bend her fingers farther than she has been able to in a long time. Thank you for discovering these products and offering them.


 Phil L - Tulsa, OK

Dear Healing Natural Oils
I tried your product for skin tags primarily because you guaranteed results.That was enough for me to trust that the product would work. It worked exactly as you said it would. In little over five weeks the skin tag had dried completely and came off with no sign it was ever there.I love the fact I was able to do this without having to see a dermatologist. Phil L.

Phil L - Tulsa, OK


Frequently Asked Questions

Heal Skin Tags FAQ

Q.  I have had my skin tags burned off / surgically removed, will your formula stop the skin tags growing back?
A. Many of our customers have skin tags burned off / surgically removed, some have used acid and other types of drugs. Unfortunately their skin tags grow back again. After using our Heal Skin Tags formula the same skin tags do not reappear.

Q.  How soon will I see results?
A. Results will vary from person to person. The healing process can take anywhere from 2 to 6 weeks, stubborn skin tags can take a little longer to heal. Please be patient, the formula works from the root upwards, for this reason you may not see any change to the skin tags in the early stages of the healing process. The skin tags may get larger or turn white as the formula draws them out of the skin. They will then begin to flake and disappear leaving no scarring.

It is important to apply three times a day and do not miss any applications. If you miss one day it will push back the healing process by 2 to 4 days. Do not touch or scrape the skin tags, allow the formula to do the work.

Q.  Do I need more than one bottle of Heal Skin Tags?
A. This depends on the amount and size of your Skin Tags. It is important that you do not run out of formula and interrupt the program. There is 11ml of Heal Skin Tags formula, sufficient for over 100 applications. This will heal a few skin tags. If you have many skin tags, we suggest starting with at least two bottles of formula or save 10% with our large 33 ml bottle.

Q.  How do I apply the product?
A. Place a few drops on a Q-Tip or use your fingers to apply topically. Simply dab each skin tag, it is not necessary to saturate them.

Q. My son is 3 years old, can I apply Heal Skin Tags to his fingers?
A. We do not recommend using our formula on children under the age of 4.

Q. Do I need to place a band aid onto the skin tags after application?
A. If you choose, you can use a band aid on hands or fingers. However, it is not a necessity.

Q.  Has Heal Skin Tags been in the news?
A. Yes, Heal Skin Tags has been featured in many magazines and newspapers worldwide! Click here to see a few examples


Skin Tag Facts

Skin Tags - What are They? A Skin Tag is a small piece of skin which hangs or sticks off of a person's body. The scientific name for skin tags is acrochordon. Skin tags tend to grow on the eyelids, under the armpits and in the groin area as well as the chest. These are non cancerous growths and can vary in size and shape some being irregular in appearance. .

Someone who has a skin tag may notice that it is a darker pigment than that of the skin, or more flat than other skin tags on the body.

Appearance of Skin Tags Some people may have a skin tag or growth which raises itself off the skin forming a peduncle. The peduncle is a small thick piece of skin which almost gives the skin tag a branch like formation from which it hangs down from. Skin tags are not dangerous to have but are considered tumors because of the fact they grow on the body areas. Body skin tags can cause discomfort if in an area with a lot of contact such as a shirt collar or the groin area when walking. If a skin tag is irritated enough that it can become sore and painful, even though skin tags are not attached to the skin deeply they can still cause pain if one tries to remove skin tags or a neck chain cuts them open. In this case it is preferrable to find treatment.

There is no known cause for why a skin tag develops as of yet, under a microscope someone will tell you it looks like skin envelops itself, overlaps in a way and causes a lump which then becomes infected. There is also no reason to treat or remove skin tags unless the appearance bothers the person carrying them.

Who Gets Skin Tags? Skin tags are a relatively common condition in people and can be seen in those old and young. Although skin tags are seen more frequently in women men are just as likely to have them grow on the body. Acrochordon (skin tags) are frequently the result of genes, they are a hereditary condition passed on through families, not everyone whose parents have skin tags will get them but may notice the growths develop at a later stage in life. Skin tag growth usually begins when someone reaches middle age, around 45. Skin tags can be seen in children as well as adults young and old, it doesn't always affect those in their older years. There is no known cause for why a skin tag develops as of yet, under a microscope someone will tell you it looks like skin envelops itself, overlaps in a way and causes a lump which then becomes infected.

Conclusion In conclusion, a skin tag is a harmless skin condition, which causes no pain unless irritated. They are usually hereditary and can vary in color size and shape. Skin tags can have a branch (peduncle) from which it hangs in some cases. Anyone can develop skin tags and those who chose to have them removed surgically may notice more grow back. Any age or race can develop skin tags but they are more prevalent in women and those who are reaching their mid 40s. Once more there is no known cause for why anyone would get a skin tag.